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All summer long, we've been testing gadgets that get you off your seat. From workout video games to bicycle computers, nothing we've seen matches this week's cheap red bottom shoes sale gadget. If you're a casual or serious runner, Nike and Apple have teamed up for a great way to boost your workouts with music and track your performance via the Web.

The Nike + iPod Sport Kit ($29;; click on "Nike+" under "Collections") is a thumb-size transmitter that fits into your shoe and a thumb-size receiver that connects to an iPod nano

Nike's line of NikePlus shoes ($80 to $100; has a cavity in the left midsole that cradles the transmitter. The $100 Air Zoom Moire shoes I used to test the system are light, stable and comfortably hide the transmitter, cheap fake louboutin shoes but you don't need the Nike shoes. Go to to see how you can use Velcro, needle and thread to attach the transmitter to your current pair of shoes.

Now you're ready to run. With each step you take, your foot lands on the transmitter and wirelessly sends messages to your iPod nano, whose screen shows you how far you've run, how fast you're running and how many calories you've burned. Before your first workout, cheap red bottom shoes run at least a quarter-mile to calibrate the Sport Kit to your stride. The system is fairly accurate.

Every mile, a voice announces your pace and distance, and between announcements, you can press a button on your nano to hear how you're doing.

Meanwhile, the nano is louboutin replica shoes filling your head with music that you've loaded onto your iPod. The coolest part is that you can designate a Power Song, which plays at a predetermined point in your workout (for instance, if you know there's a hill at the third mile of your run, you can set your Power Song to kick in just before Mile 3, giving you an energizing boost). Better yet, when your legs are tiring, you can click the nano for three seconds to instantly crank up the Power Song. Through Apple's iTunes Music Store (, you can find playlists--collections of songs--which celebrity athletes recommend for working out. You can buy each song in that playlist for 99 cents and run to the same tunes that get your favorite replica christian louboutin athletes going.

If you've never worked out to your own music collection, you should try it. For the last three years, dozens of people have told me that they've run faster and farther while listening to music because tunes take the drudgery out of the repetitive, demanding act of working out.

I can attest.Out for one of my infrequent runs, my shins hurt, my ankles throb and my feet are about to quit. It feels like I'm knee deep in fire and running over hot coals while inhaling flames. But I don't care.

The big beat of "Leave You Far Behind," by Lunatic Calm, is blasting from my nano, carrying me through the pain, letting me continue my red bottom shoes for cheap workout when I would have stopped a half-mile ago.