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Best Cheap Michael Kors Shoulder Bags Outlet Sale

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Michael Kors Michael Gros company was formally established in 1981, is headquartered in New York City. Michael Kors The luxury industry into a new michael kors bags outlet stage and successfully created a unique self-expression and respect for life concept and brand, and past classic American luxury brand distinguished American Michael Kors michael kors shoulder bag has become a luxury living Representative flavor. Michael Kors currently 89 countries in the world already has more than 500 stores, while distribution to the world's top department and specialty stores worldwide.Designers

In 1959, Michael Kors was born into a Jewish michael kors bags sale family in Long Island, New York. The original name of Karl Anderson JR, mother

Joan Hamburger Anderson Kors Krystosek pro is a model youth. When he was five, his mother remarried Bill Kors, and changed his name to Michael Kors. This time he has with his cute little face of some companies start advertising, his mother best michael kors bags son can therefore look forward to a promising future performance. But the son of the same mother always found the process of shopping for clothing love. 10 years old, he will be in the basement of the store "Iron Butterfly" began selling homemade batik T-shirt and leather vest. In 1978, he began working at FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology). After leaving there, he was in Lothar's office to seek a designer and sales work, where he began to hone cheap michael kors hand bags interpersonal skills and upper class people, such as singer Diana Ross and BarbraStreisand. Here he also learned what clothing is a woman most wants.

Design carries the dream, Kors left school in 1981, after the work is Lothar's praise, he began to 纽约西 57th Street leading fashion boutiques founded his own brand. 1984 autumn, Michael Kors individual's first fashion show a success. In retrospect, WWD said his design for the "high-end, classic casual series," while "simple yet elegant."